Sandy Beaches

I wait for texts to never be received,
I bask in moments to always be grieved,
the world has about as much feeling as a prosthetic limb,
my chances of things getting better than right now - pathetic and grim,
I fight losing battles,
heart played with like baby rattles,
I drink alcohol to forget about what doesn't happen,
like there's happiness hidden somewhere and I'm about to tap in,
I have excuses, as does everyone else, always handy,
life is the corona, dreams are the ads of beaches so sandy,
and to this life why am I foreign,
cup filled with so much emptiness, couldnt fit any more in,
I wallow in this prequel to an eternal dusty afterlife,
can't provide enough incentive, with me she refuses to craft her life,
and that's how the cookie tends to crumble,
my feelings, illiterate when it comes to this word jumble,
another day lost, wandering, an existence insulse,
searching for a legitimate reason why I still have a pulse...

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