Unfinished Love Story

My first love was long ago
Back before I could truly know
What love was or what it could be
I just knew, I wanted her with me
And then one day, it all came true
Our lips met as one, and this I knew
In that high school hall, love did exist
Then weeks together went by since we first kissed
But, alas, it was not meant to be
For she would not be the girl for me
And soon after, it would all end
But to this day, she remains a loyal friend

And since then many years had passed
Looking back, they went by too fast
And I left for college, where my new love would be
With a few words, it became a reality
And I believed we had it all
True love that would never fall
For we were an inseparable pair
But love is not a game that is always fair
For she said with me, she could not stay
And I know I made her go astray
So now I look back and know
That it was me who truly let her go
With my actions and what I had to say
For now she is the girl that got away

And as I left college I found love again
I felt like she would let my heart mend
And for years the love progressed
To the point where my heart could not rest
So I got down on my one knee
And asked if she would marry me
So we began to plan, and had a date
But, alas, I once again met fate
Who said this was not meant to be
So we parted shortly before an anniversary
And the date passed without us being wed
For she is now just a memory in my head

And now I sit here today
Hoping love will find a way
To return back to my door
Like it has so many years before
And can be stronger than in the past
So, this time, it may last
But, alas, there is no love in sight
Even though, I look with all my might
For I have not found love’s true glory
So this must be continued, my unfinished love story

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my love story!!!

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