What is Love? (WIP)

"Just don't fall in love with me"

That's what you said that night,
Talking until 3 am
that boyish grin curved up the side of your face
I smirked at you and took a long drag off the cigarette dangling lazily between my fingers 
I remember staring at you with sleep deprived eyes, lids heavy from holding the weight of too many hours
yet my heart screaming for one more look
you were so handsome 
Before you, I imagined love as long, icy fingers that wrapped around your heart, that tore into the flesh of stability
Covering your eyes 
masking reality with overpriced flowers,
Guilty I love you's in the wake of an empty wine bottle after botched dinner plans 
Love wasn't something I believed existed beyond a needy, broken society that loves its labels
A widely accepted form of insanity, that's what love was
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Obviously not done...late night burst of inspiration, to be finished after a night of sleep....