I've held your hand before, stranger

I know you

and you know me

and now we have but

a sense of apathy

I've held your hand

and you would say

that's the only thing you knew

would make your day

a best friend in the making

but that was slowly broken

you were the unfortunate one

and I regret having ever spoken

to the one who gave me hell

who had me live a lie

I didn't repeat the mistake this time

but that didn't fix a thing for you and I

you moved along to her

and she moved right on in

the sutures were removed

from what we could have been

maybe it was fate

I found the boy I adore

but maybe it was karma

because I can't keep him anymore

I wonder if you know

that I still will write to you

in stupid broken rhyme

obviously that skill never grew

but really I needed to tell you

I'm sorry for the past

you're the only one who knows this exists

but I doubt the concern would last

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