More of A Letter

Why is it that I love you

You love someone else

And she is making you crazy

Like you are making me

She is playing with your mind

And you are playing with mine

Does it ever end?

She is all you ever talk about

You are all I ever talk about

So why can't we just lose eacother

Pain is becoming too much now

When I see you and her

I try to tell myself

It's not true

She doesn't love you

Like I do

And when you tell me we'll someday be

That too I tell myself isn't true

Because I may not love you then

Is this your last chance

Or is it I'm so pathetically inlove with you

that you'll never have a last chance

Will I always take you back

After you kill me inside

This isn't fair love

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I knew myself better than I thought.

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