Your fault

Because of you

My hope rose and fell

like it always does

what was I expecting

that you loved me again?

So again, I walk down this long street

of so many mixed emotions

but most consist of hope

then dissappointment

and then more hope

I've been down this street before

mostly because of you

you make and break me

I can't live without you

or with you for that matter

you tear away at me

when I try to love again

there you are, making me love you

you're afraid to loose me

and afraid to keep me

but you never thought about how I feel about this

maybe I learned from your example

and did what you did to me to someone else

someone I loved, but couldn't keep

and guess what

I couldn't keep him

because of you

what are you doing to me

I didn't think I'd have to go through this

and now someone else is

because of you

so here we are passing around these emotions

some of them travel by words

others by heart

others by lips

but this all started

because of you darling

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