Addicted To You

That feeling, the sensation

It fills you with ease

Whether it's inhilation or ingestion

It's just that pleasing feeling


IT hurts when you quit

It's harder than hell

I've tried giving up

But I never hear the damned bell


The smell

The taste

The feeling

Oh my

All I want is to just fucking die


The addiction is strong

You can't fight the urge

Everyone's doing it

It's that extreme fucking surge


The rush

The high

Nothing can compare

Whether it's sex, drugs or alcohol

It's all about how you feel

When that drug hits the air


You exhale and think

Oh god what have I done

You were tempted again

But this time, you fail


You're never completely clean

Something always pushes you there

Be it friends, media, or thoughts

We all will cave in


So don't be sad

Don't be angry

Pick yourself up

And dust yourself off

And begin your walk to freedom



One step at a time

Higher and Higher

You'll be free again

When that tempest comes near your test will begin


Will you remember your strength

Or fall to your weakness

How will you deal?

Decide like I do


Am I stronger than yesterday

Or weaker than today?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I struggle with addiction and gave in to temptaion today...time to start over.

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