Not My Own Work

I didn't write this, I found it here: :)

I've been on a trip…

I have travelled for years

And while on this trip

I have faced many fears

I'm still on this trip

As I live day by day

I've collected some baggage

While on my way

I carry it with me

It makes some days slow

For it so weighs me down

Wherever I go

There are bags filled with feelings

That are burden to bear

Feelings so painful

That they are hard to share

From deceit to abandon

To fear and abuse

Bags upon bags

That are serving no use

But I'm ready to check it

It's time that I should

And If I check it with God

I can check it for good

He's willing to take it

And keep it for me

So my load will be lightened

…and my soul will be free

To continue my trip

For the journey is long

But with the baggage checked in

I know I can go on

I know you have baggage

As most of us do

But if you are ready to check it

God has room for yours, too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I first read this poem on facebook and a google search for the poem led me to the following blog as the source:

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