Forever Valentine

I realized the other day, since your birthday, that it's been 19 years since I've last spoken to you, since I've seen you...

And it was 19 years that you were here...

laughing, smiling...

all the things that young girls do.

I miss you, I think about you.

Sometimes, not too oft, I dream about you.

I know you'll always be a part of me, alive in my heart.

You are an angel. I dreamed once that I was falling down a flight of stairs and you caught me and carried me gently down to the bottom, helping me land on my feet. That was a long time ago. I haven't spoken of it much.

I hope you are well and smiling down from heaven. :)

I hope you found the peace you were looking for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who took her life during my senior year of high school.

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