I will be your Angel.

I will be your guide.

You can reach out for me.

You do not need to hide.

I see you peeking 'round the corner...

Hesitant to approach...

afraid that what you will display,

might bring rejection and reproach...

But remember, I'm your Angel.

I am not here to judge.

I'm here to lift you up

and fill your heart with love.

There is a light that shines within

A light that shines for you

Do not be afraid my love

You know just what to do...

When someone offers you their heart...

their love, and their trust...

it's natural to be afraid

but follow me you must.

I'll lead you to a safe place

Where you can work it through

All the anger, all the fear

that lives inside of you.

You can work through all the heartache...

all the loss and all the pain.

You will regain control with me.

Feel the cleansing rain.

I submit to you.

I trust you to

take what you need

to make you whole.

I'll envelope you in love

and receive your soul.

Place myself at your mercy

succumbing to your whims.

Your Angel will absorb it all...

and give it up to HIM.

I will be your slave

To dominate and torture

If that is what you need

To reclaim your stature.

I will take pleasure in the pain

You inflict upon my skin

Knowing it won't penetrate

My gentle heart within.

Knowing that you trust me

and love me till it hurts

It is something I can give you

To reaffirm your worth.

Your gifted with my trust and love

Allowing you to show

The darkest desires within you

That the world will never know.

It is not at all shameful

nor deviant of mind

It is beautiful in ritual

That seldom does one find

A place so free of judgement

A place so safe and warm

A place that is a haven

A shelter from life's storm

So take me and unleash your self

like you never have before

I can absorb it all

...and not be taken like a whore.

It is a gift... through love and trust.

Something only we possess.

What I will share with you is boundless

Put me to the test.

Tie me up, pull my hair, spank me if you must

Tell me the things you dare not speak... I ask you for your trust.

Punish me for their sins

Release the darkness that you hide.

Let me take your pain away...

Restore your rightful pride.

Take me, Make me, Do the things

You wish for in the night

Let me take you're darkest wish

And fill it with my light.

When the evening fades to morn, and silently we lay...

Hold me tight and whisper that you've finally found your way.

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