A Parents Love Can Destroy An Innocent Child

My brother and I never got along.
But I couldn't understand what was so wrong.
Why does my father love him more? 
Am I really such a catastrophic bore?
I see him once every couple weeks.
Are my chances so very bleak? 
This is the day he'll change his mind.
Maybe he'll stop being unkind?
I'll show him I'm just as good as my sibling.
There's not only one but two Fitings.
I'm here! I'm here! 
Can't you see me?
I have the grades!
I made the team!
Is it enough? 
I've been working so tough.
Is all I've done to no avail? 
It seems in the end I've only failed.
My brothers fifteenth birthday comes around. 
Why are my expectations so low to the ground? 
Today's the day hell finally choose
Dearest brother is it me or is it you? 
We've come to age we both have a choice.  
There's so many things I've left unvoiced. 
Today's the day I finally see.
Just how much he's given up on me.
He's asked my brother to move in.
The possibility of him loving me is critically thin.
He doesn't care if I'm hurt.
He'll still move on with his life.
I even heard he has a soon to be wife.
I've given up all hope and, it hurts to see.
Just how little he really cares for me.
With this woman is a little girl.
She seems to be my dads whole world.
The invisible daughter stands alongside
To watch herself be shoved farther aside.
The reason I'm not good enough I finally see.
Has nothing to do with my brother and nothing to do with me.
You can't make someone love you, trust me I've tried. 
To not feel a parents love is hard to describe. 
It took my whole life to finally realize. 
That fighting for nonexistent love can only demoralize.
A parents love can destroy an innocent child.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This goes out to my dad. I hope you're finally proud. Because I no longer care.