Number 24

My heart burns like a fire in the trees

Melting the leaves, and insect’s desire

They turn to silver as they pat the ground

Their fast, quick sounds to your ears deliver

Always increasing, your mind is piecing

To get her what I told you

Drops come to fast now for luck

Blurring fine lines in your mind

Look up and one falls on your face

You pick yourself up and clean off

Turn around and walk back, unfamiliar

A trick, you think, your mind is not a liar

Losing contact with the map that shows

How to get out of this mess

You read the map, it shows the way in

The only way out is up or down

She looks at her feet and thinks concrete

The trees are smooth, still wet from the fire

The ground is packed tight, no digger to hire

Knowing not what to do she jumps

Hoping she’ll go up and not down

Altitude changes quickly but she’ll

Soon realize that she has control

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