No game

This thing is no game to me, but all the same

you have me wrapped up in this crazy web of love

that I have no shame to proclaim

my desires for you are all intertwined with honesty,

passion, love and longevity, this is no lame ass game boo.

You are my love, my heart that part of me that reflects my better thoughts, my innermost parts.

This is no game boo, these feelings can't be thwarted by lack of trust,

lack of honesty, no babe please don't allow these to divide us,

why should you when God has been so generous in giving you to me,

me to you, in giving us, love so preciously enveloped in sweet calm melodious rhapsody. 

Believe in me my boo, be crazy, crazy in love with me forever,

forever and a day, please give me you, give me your love. This is no game 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my girl, she's that love of her to pieces

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