Voiceless Youth

I'm more than just a kid- I'm the voice of the youth,

I speak out to be heard but my voice is on mute.

They say the choice is on you- The path that you choose,

But when success is not an option- They laugh when you lose.

And they frown when you win- Cuz you don't deserve success,

You were born into the bottom but you rose above the rest.

You're a rose among the mess- You were told to hate success,

That right wasn't an option so you were forced to take a left.

You were forced to making thefts because you weren't given much,

And all your Angel's left as you embraced the Devil's clutch.

You embraced the Devil's touch because you yearned for compassion,

You're whole life you've been alone so it justifies your actions.

And the ration that you use, to some ears makes no sense,

Life's been kicking you while you're down but the hits made no dents.

But they did leave an impression that is unseen to most eyes,

But real eyes can realize and recognize that it's most lies.

But while most try, still most fail- Because the climb is just too steep,

It seems you're Life has been a ghost tale and the wounds are just too deep.

You're heart has been a battering ram and has long since turned cold,

And in turn it's turned you emotionless and has freezer burned your soul.

You've been praying for forgiveness to a God that you have to question,

If he exists he has an alterior motive or is teaching a painful lesson.

In time the pain will lessen- That seems to be the concensus,

But as the demons begin to arise you can see them begin to sense us.

And sense it's been agreed upon that you should not be seen,

You log your daily battles so you prevent from making scenes.

But with these words you're making dreams and people hear you're voice,

And you haven't once said a word- So now you have a choice.

To speak out to those who listen becaue they have felt abuse,

I'm no longer a kid anymore- I'm the voiceless voice of the youth.

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