They ask me why I do it- Day in and day out,

Running the words through my brain until a sentence sprays out.

This is more than just poetry- This is words that I bleed,

Imagine writing everyday- But your idle can't read.

Truth!!?...That can't be- My father will never know,

The talent that I possess- The promise these words show.

And so....I get motivated.

When I look into the eyes of an 8 year old with no choice,

The rebirth of myself- A child with no voice.

The bliss and the joy- Not just going through the motions,

And so I try my hardest so that he never stops hoping.

So that he's never not open- His heart is not frozen,

It's my chance to save a life- Just as mine was, so I owe him.

I'll show him the ropes- I'll teach him what I know,

My entire reason for being is just to watch him grow.

And so....I get motivated.

To reverse the curse that gets worse with everyday,

Like Boston winning the series- It seems like decades away.

I know you've heard it all before but I'm not asking you for a tear,

I've had a lifetime of trials and tribulations in just the last 5 years.

But at last...I'm here- Still standing strong,

Blood dripping and covered in dirt- But I'm still crafting poems.

    I'm still crafting songs, trynna keep this path paved,

Cuz in the past I've witnessed how easy it is to get strayed.

How easy it is to disappoint and how easy it is to get lost,

And I will give my kids a better life- No matter what the cost.

And so....I get motivated.

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