In the event of my demise, I'd be surprised if tears flow,

Looking back upon my life the mass will wonder where the years go.

I fear no one or no thing- Not even death itself,

I've let myself go and now I'm trynna recapture it,

Chasing after it, my soul's become a bastard.

Surrounded by the laughter of the demons in the background,

There's no turning back now- So I struggle to move forward,

It's become a challenge to "push" myself so now I just pull it.

See where I come from you die young so you learn to live soon,

Every day is like your last, the time goes so fast,

Caught up in the mix of having no future and forgetting the past.

You’re told to live in the moment but then criticized for doing so,

So you try to capture and hold it- And that’s how these poems flow.

The shape of your life forms slow as you start out from nothing,

Then it’s molded into tragedy- So I know the Reapers after me.

The world’s not prepared for me- So I document it in rhymes,

I will never die too soon ‘cuz I’m truly ahead of my time.

So I get on my grind and remain focused on my goal,

‘Cuz before I’m ready to die I need to recapture my soul.

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