And Then There Was Two....Featuring "Tha Poetic Son"

"Tha Poet"

Shots ring out- What is it that I hear?

People throwing shots at Tha Poet out of fear.

I own this shit and I've only been writing a year,

Let me ask a question- How long have you been here?

Most been writing half their life- Well at least longer than me,

But my ability is on a higher level- Somewhere that you will never be.

A place that you will never see- I'm like the eighth wonder of the world,

Because I already got you wondering- How in the world.

Could this kid be so good- He's only in his sophomore year,

But I'm on the Varsity squad- While you sit on the side and cheer.

I ask myself sometimes- Maybe I should be more modest,

I mean, someone COULD be better- Naaa, I'm just being modest.

I see myself as being the hottest- I could outshine the Sun,

Man just call me Jet Li- 'Cuz I am The One.

I'm stuck on myself 'cuz I know that I'm tight,

And untill I get challenged- Imma be in love with Mike.

Confidence is a virtue- Cockiness is an attitude,

Conciet is a flaw- But hey, call me what you want dude.

The criticism I recieve is like a spark to my fire,

Increasing my desire to never, ever retire.

I've only seen one person to ever challenge me in this game,

P-O-E, But I'm sure you already know the name.

I can come at you cocky- Or I can come at you with the truth,

And the truth is- After all the others failed,

...And Then There Was Two...

"Tha Poetic Son"

I feel you man - I know Im cocky too

I'm so cocky, it makes me sick

But everytime I write - I jump back on my dick

Screaming oooooooh POE - Man you the shit

You got a stubborn hand, it does what it pleases

But you cant get mad, it constantly pleases

You know it, cause they all run to read it

The shit so hot, you fuckin reread it... Over and over

Cause you loved the flow... You sit back and say, "damn POE"

Lets do the math, 13 months since your first poetic blast

Yet you're on the top, getting rocks thrown at your ass

You sometimes wonder, has anyone ruled this fast?

Then it hits you... 13 months? - Ha, some don't even last

No wonder you're cocky, in everything you do

Why the fuck not, you're better than them duk

Or him, or her, anyone they know or knew

Basically you're Shakespeare, but times two... Maybe even three

Cause I cant see, nobody close to me... Your closest competition

Is your brother Mikey... And as you can see, he rides with me

I suggest most take heed, pack up and leave

Staying, is like drinking bleach - read this "warning" before you reach

A sip of this flow, sends you where most go... A poetic hell

Stamped - Test failed

Too much desire, so you received blue fire

Mad as hell, praying he retire... Retire?

That's an insult to his manhood - Like asking God, stop doing good

He is the one, which you already knew

But years from now, most will say

"And Then There Was Two"

"Tha Poet"

The two cockiest bastards to ever write a rhyme,

Expressed in each line- As it escapes our mind.

It's hard getting to the top- Even harder to stay there,

People see they can't win- So they don't wanna play fair.

Our individual talent is rare- Put it together and opposing poets beware,

Our poems should come with labels that say "Handle With Care".

Our presence is always felt- We could enter a chat room and people would stare.

Through blood, sweat and tears- Literally fighting through the pain,

We fought through adversity to come and capture this game.

People throwing dirt on our names- The we hit them with blue flames,

Burning flesh off the bone- Lyrics like miracles that flow through our domes.

Me and POE- We're on a different level,

The only way to reach us- Talk to NASA and borrow a space shuttle.

But let's be honest- We're the very epitome of rhymers,

We can kill you with one liners- Or make you sweat like a sauna.

Or turn on the blinders and rid you of your eye sight,

Burning your retinas untill you get your mind right.

We'll quietly send you on your way- So hurry and pack it up,

Got me feeling the like the commercial- Just telling you to "wrap it up"

If this was a competion- Then everyone already knew,

At the end of it all and when all others fail,

...And Then There Was Two...

"Tha Poetic Son"

No no no no - Couldn't be a competion

We're damn good by ourselves, but great together

I guess its true... Birds of a feather, really do flock together

Cause when we're together, you know the poems together

Hell, I cant think of another two that's better

If you know a few, go head, send them threw

We'll send them two back as four - Nicely ask for a few more

To be honest... We're tired of being cocky

The words speak for themselves... Its just fun being cocky

Its a good feeling, feeling you can be touched by nobody

They say there's always someone better - But we've met nobody

We asked at the same time, "Is there anybody"

A chuckle and laugh later - Its back to poetic flavor

We're good like the candy... You know "now and later"

I would've said lays, cause you cant eat just one

But with all this talent, you couldn't "eat" none

I hope yall know, this is really just for fun

A couple rhymes, a couple lines... Something to pass the time

When there's nothing else to do... And everyone know

"And Then There Was Two"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first and third verses were done by "THA POET"
Leaving the second and fourth for "THA POETIC SON"..To read more of Tha Poetic Son's work go to

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