In my infancy

My offerings were limited

But I brought you wonder

Introduced you

To Sid, Ed and Uncle Miltie

We had a few good laughs

At no one's expense

And don't forget Elvis

Maybe my noisy cousin

Had dibs on his voice

But who brought you

Those crazy hips?

In my adolescence

I gave you growing pains

Bringing Camelot to an end

With a little boy's salute

And running soldiers

Through your living room

Until even Walter had enough

But the wonder came back

With a small step

On the Sea of Tranquility

In my middle years

Almost drowned out by disco

I had little to show you

But an armchair bigot

And a sweater president

With a bad case of malaise

That is until Belushi and company

Raised hell on Saturday Nights

But now in my dotage

I've made a comeback

Amidst the dueling lawyers

The squabling Senators

The raving lunatics

Of every persuasion

I offer you everything

Your heart desires

Twenty-four hours a day

Everything but the wonder

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If my TV set could only talk!

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