Tammy"s Silly Pet Store


   There was a girl named Tammy who wanted a pet store. She loved pets! She found a pet store she liked in downtown Denver.

Tammy walked inside and saw an old lady sweeping the floor with a little toothbrush! Tammy asked, "How much does your pet store cost"?$3" Three dollars!!" said Tammy. "O.K.", said tge old lady,"only $2". So Tammy gave the old lady two dollars. The old lady was so happy, she threw away the toothbrush. She was tired of bending over to sweep up the animal"s hair. Tammy looked around the pet store and saw some funny things. First she saw a kitten in the bird cage saying "tweet-tweet"! Then she saw a puppy in the fish tank blowing bubbles! Next she saw a bird in the cat"s cage chewing on a bone! Tammy thought this was a strange pet store! "I have to do alot of work", said Tammy. Tammy put the kitten in the cat"s cage and said, " You are not a bird. You are a kitten". She showed the kitten how to say "Meow",-Meow", The kitten said "Meow-Meow". "That"s right!, said Tammy. Then she put the puppy in the dog"s cage and showed him how to chew on a bone. "Good boy!", said Tammy. Next, Tammy put the bird in the bird cage and showed it how to say Tweet", The bird did it and Tammy said "Good little bird", Finally, tammy put the fish in the fish tank and showed it how to blow bubbles. The fish blew bubbles. "That"s right", said Tammy. Now the animals were in the right places, doing the right things! One day a cute man came to the pet store. He wasn"t looking for a pet. Ke was looking for a wife aad Tammy was looking for a husband. They fell in love and got married. Tammy"s husband said, "My mother has no place to live. Can she please live with us? Tammy said, "sure!". The next day, her husband brought his mother to the pet store. It was the old lady!!!! All of a sudden the pets began to say the wrong things and do the wrong things, "Oh, no!". said Tammy. "Now I have to fix it all over again!". Do you think Tammy and her husband lived happily ever after at the pet store?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My daughter Tammy wrote this story and she wanted me to post it.

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