Lonely Giant

Gaea is aching

Her water are nothing like they use to be

Full of life that is no more

For all in her is long gone


The once blue colored flower that bloomed

Gracefully in a wide ocean

Now its coming to wit beside the shore


The beauty of life that is long gone

A gentle giant, the last of them all


In the endless blue

An existence with nothing to do

Does it know it is alone?

Does it know all else is only bone?


Long gone were they, only memories in one remain

And memories shall fade as those it recall

And nothing will live the blue ball


Onward unto nothing

For the destiny goes nowhere

For thy will die anywhere, just not here


Echoes in the rocks or lost in the beyond

The songs of the whale for those long gone

Music no one hears

Melodies no one can miss


The whale passes through the coasts of the world

Only barren sands since abandoned

And it carries on to new barren sands

Hope is cruel in times like this


The seconds were hours and the days eternities

And never once would it find what was pursued

Looking for some companies


The one time it was born

Now it was ready to perish

Under an empty black sea

That Poseidon never meant to kill


And finally has come

The time has come

Where to it would swim?

Where to it would live?

Where to it is supposed to go?


The end of the last has arrived

The symphony of one started in the end of a soul

And with melodies long forgotten silence was broken

Singing her song to an empty ocean

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