a full collapse

with all hesitations set aside,

a fogged path lies ahead, through a corridor unfamiliar

I enter this house, I enter his home, that is truly not of my own.


curiosity dwells inside me, that cannot be overlooked nor denied

standing, stranded with a wondering eye

surrounded by such fear and savagery alike, I continue to descend into darkness

all the while keeping a steady pace.


while this mystery affords little comfort to my senses misguided,

your malevolent grasp onto me has sustained a state of wishful gullibility.


every touch strokes a chaotic kaleidoscope both of color and sensation

allowing the thrill of emotion to overpower perception thereof.

watching the fire in the sky clash,

illuminating this darkest of nights that is cast from high above

with the clouds guided by a gentle gale pass along overhead,

just as we lie on the ground below,

creating swirls, clouds of our own that dance and dissipate with freedom and whim.


resting in his arms.

we lie, side by side, bodies resting within the evening’s entanglement.


lying in a full collapse.

our minds, still and blank with absence; yet guzzled full with content,

matched with satisfaction for both, primal in form, still never regrettable.

a memory now placed,

formed and everlasting, for the rest our few and futile days to come hereafter.

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