Almost Home

Armored beasts continue to trample the earth's surface

giants standing dominant above all,

their eyes aglow with a ghastly white haze beneath the shifting,

never constant, luminescence of a moonlit sky

imposing the certainty of death and suffocation onto those who would cautiously trespass

only a chilled disregard towards those of a more diminutive class, vermin found well below an impossible height

yet within the line of sight lies home,

this safe haven with all of its blessings and securities

fulfills a sprint without yield

forward with every sense of panic

legs and arms stretched far and wide toward a path chaotic

places mind and reason before the slightest chance of ease and safety

despite the quake of their stomp, regardless of risk,

across this terrain, hope can be found and within thine grasp

though your body found mangled under weight and volume

a chilled disregard from the armored beast before mine

toward the stained carcass layed down without motion


unfortunate soul,

a frantic pace, a noble effort

so close my good friend, you were almost home...

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