New Year's Eve



This year has come and gone so fast.

Many changes.

What do they all mean?

Some good,

          some bad.


What is in store?

Times change.

Does it even matter?

Is it just turning the page,

         or staying on the same?


What does a new year mean,

what does it bring?

We plan,

      We try,

            We go on.


Feelings of nothing,

          Feelings of accomplishment.


Laying awake in bed.

The sun rises another day...

      The sun will rise a new year...

               Same sun.


The changing of a calender...

          The changing of a heart?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

New Years's Eve is with us again, with it comes many promise to change or better them selves. Why do they wait till now to do so?


Why not every day when the sun rises know you will do it, instead of waiting? Why not this moment?


The main point, why wait to change? Why not just go out and live your life now?


God doesn't wait to act, why are you?

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