Fallen Trees


In a forest full of trees,

Each one has a seed and a life.

One fell down;

None heard it.

What is next for this tree?

Will anyone ever know?

All the trees can flourish;

Without this one.

The trees only real friend is the dirt around it.

A real friend that is still fake.

As the tree lay,

The dirt grew closer.

Once a friend so far away.

Now so close.

The tree just thinks, “What does it matter?”

The tree once helped some flourish.

Now they flourish without it.

Will this tree ever rise again?

Like a phoenix out of its own ashes.

It rises to where it once stood.

This time closer to the sun.

Closer to the trees.

This tree did rise again.

It did.

This tree only has one wish.

To be closer to another.

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