Time Relativity and the Human Heart


The speed of time is not constant even for the same people at the same place. The relativity of time has been proven, the math for it is used daily in our surrounding world. Time is more than just the clicks on the clock, we have the ability to control our own perception time. In some moments of extreme emotion time nearly stops, in times of work time speeds up.

There must be a way to control our own mind and hearts to have control over the passage of relative time. By taking control we can increase productivity and reaction time in the normal flowing world. To take control we must find what slows and speeds up time and then replicate it.

Times of emotional extremes; the first kiss, looking into the eyes of a loved one, or even a horrible accident cause time to slow but due to events we react at a perceived normal speed. The mind races but the body does not keep up.

When we are active and busy the mind works fast and “time flies,” while the body feels the work that has been done. The mind and body perceive time separately, in general the body fells time as slower than the mind. The linking part of the mind and body is the heart.

By acknowledging the differences in time and the circumstances involved can we sense the variables and combine the positive of emotional extremes and busy times to slow down time but keep a faster mental capacity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this while enjoying insomnia.

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