The day I met you I almost walked into a pole. (Slightly Slam Poetry) (day 45)

The day I met you I almost walked into a pole.


There’s something about seeing for the first time a beautiful person who takes you by so much surprise

that the world around you fizzles and fades to a sphere so small it could fit into a bottle on the ocean.

And that’s about how small I felt that moment, staring at a goddess made of gold

in the middle of a boring concrete sidewalk, walking my earthly life with a slightly sweaty T-shirt on, my hair barely brushed and messy over my shoulders.

But the universe doesn’t pay attention to that kind of thing

so beautiful you continued walking toward me, and I had no choice but to rip my gaze off the path I was walking,

which included a rather tall, cylindrical piece of metal right on the edge of the road.


The fantastic, erudite word “um” escaped my lips, and at that moment my eyes flicked forward again.

The pole in front of me looked almost as inviting a deathbed as your eyes. But my brain somehow caught up just in time with my heart,

and a millionth of a second later I would be praising the stars I didn’t walk into it.

Just barely missing the collision, I sidestepped and almost tripped

but caught myself and your attention at the same time.

And that’s when the world crushed into a bottle exploded.


“Done that already today,” you deadpanned, grinning. “Not clumsy enough. Step up your game.”


And off we went in a whirlwind, hours then years of eating and laughing with you and inside jokes and 4am porch swing conversations

and me awkwardly stepping on your feet as we walked but still trying to be slightly less awkward than the day we met and maybe someday all you wanted,

and things that were so effortless it caused me physical pain like pocket dialing you at odd times then staying on the phone for hours

and teasing you about your snow globe addiction and brushing our teeth together and how my hand fits so perfectly in yours and kissing oh God and and and…


It was so sudden; we went up and up and then as your eyes went dark and your hands went cold we plummeted, a sheer drop nothing could have prepared me for.


The day I lost you

I could have slammed my face into every pole to the corners of the earth and not felt any more pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/15/16


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