if you wanted something special

I could pull a few strings

give you the gold dust from the stars

I have losses I could make into magic for you


if you like these colors I can spin them into tapestries

we will always have

things to remember


I will name you things there aren’t names for

I hang on

moments that almost were moments

love that is love plus something


and yes there are worlds in our eyes

but we will find them

what if we never find them


I think I found the perfect words

and then I lose them again

like I am hoping not to lose you


my peace is drawn from something

deeper than you

it happened

you pulled me with your fingertips

we take each other back to

moments and basements

shatters and forgiving


you are pieces of my past sewn together

my future melted into a yesterday

it hopes I can make it to white dresses without

looking at the wrong horizon

I am following the fire with a little bit of smoke,

a little bit of chaos

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/11/22

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