Better Words


I have read much better words

than the ones I can spill from my head.


I want half the spark of all these old souls,

the sentences I have loved enough

to store in boxes or scribble down.


I try to steal a sliver of them

but every time I’m done I know I could do better

and still you will worship these words like you shouldn’t.


I have written much better words

than I am worth.


I could pay off my debts with all this poetry

but then I would be empty

and I don’t know what else I have to spend on you.


I have half a mind to turn off the flow and talk

but I want to keep knowing you like language.


I hope to never make you love this

as much as your favorite song,

or when my pen stops breathing

I will leave you bruised.


But I am not a waterfall,

I feel like a spring,

there is no end to the rush the words the life

every time you touch me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/22/17

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