Coffins (day 125)

Midnight, I am your audience

because I want to build something other than coffins

I want to speak in something other than regret


Skyscraper, I am your witness

because I want to feel something other than small


The sun feeds me the bones that

I can’t clench in my teeth

to carry them to you like I want to


But as the days get shorter I feel at home

like the absence of light understands me


I don’t need to tell you

about how this isn’t Neverland

I can’t wrap you in forever


Every time I touch a different skin

every time I smile at a different human

I’m giving the gift of

eventually leaving behind these tiny explosions,

nothing but coffins in my wake


This body is a breathing ruin,

a ritual of forgetting,

there’s not enough of me left to know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/1/16


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