Empty Venom (day 118)

Every minute I’m next to you

and she’s in your mind

this envy’s empty venom slaps hard against my face,

like I need to shield her from you

to let you find me.


This snakeskin singes my dreams and daylight,

whirls from my lungs like a waterfall

when I try to keep my hands from wrapping you up too tight

and I can hear it throw you off balance.


The girl inside me wants to steal everything you call a lifeline

then gather up these cities and leave them on your doorstep-

maybe it’s too much

Every minute I’m next to you

I try to make my fingers look like colored glass

but I know I’ve built them on corrupted bones


I need to let the green go

so I can get off the ground on my own

because this love is paid in moments

not knives that sever the bridges you’ve already built.


If this venom is a shield

that encases my heart in empty gold

my love is the sword that can pierce it to smoke.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/23/16

The shield and the sword

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