Cancer (day 112)

Sometimes I relate too much

to the month I was born.


It’s taken too much of me

The end of summer sends

streaks of fire through my soul

and the backs of my eyelids sting with July


Cancer, creak my fingers

as I struggle to make my pen feel

anything other than rage.


Cancer, shout my bones

and I’m cut to half my size

as they snap and make dust

I can’t build into bridges.


Cancer, shrieks my heart

as it pounds too hard for

people who don’t deserve it,

as it shrinks, weak, whispers for

people who would give me the world.


I spread like a fever,

I spread like a cancer,

burning holes of the summer’s smoke through their pristine hearts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/15/16

Cancer (star sign)

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