Broken Crayons (day 32)

We are all

broken crayons,

painting the sky wide open,

whisking together a spectrum

made of chaos


We match each other’s heartbeats,

combine differently with each new minute,

sinking our souls into whatever they want…

sky blue and yellow

spill out laughs for their elation,

black melts down

with heartbreak or despair


We settle along blank paper,

find our homes in swirls of color

and make the music and the madness come alive


but inevitably

we break open,

leaving trails of shavings,

of being lovers and fools


And the way we spend our hues

with devastation, contemplation

even on days we wake up crying

we still linger on the page


We aren’t whole

but we know we aren’t alone


We sleep side by side,

dreaming of tomorrow,

when this magic will light up their eyes again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/1/16

Broken crayons

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