Heavy Shoulders (day 31)

Press into my shoulders

those daggers of glass

I love how they sting my skin

so I can bleed out the world

So I build a glittering layer and

keep the world at bay

turn the deepest secrets inside out


Lay your love on me like a blanket

when I’m shivering with fever

Give me the illusion

that I’m dipped in your warmth

not wrapped in a snow globe


Spit on me till it’s tainted

with your past and my bruises

and racing down the railroad tracks

to nothing


My heavy shoulders sing with sorrow

and hide with every sigh

under blooming battle scars from the wicked game

Bruises I used to brag about

until I faced these storms and

I’m on the path back home


My heavy shoulders are weighted,

draped with all the liars in the world

that are smashed into dust and

woven into the blanket of your love


Now I’m on the path back home,

breathing out promises

Something pulls at the edges of my smile

and the words I wrote but left unsaid

watch from the end of the road

as I turn the corner


They see all that’s left of me,

your blanket tossed off my heavy shoulders,

those daggers of glass splattered with

blood disguised as stardust


and I’m gone with a pile of bruised mismatched memories,

a shriek of freedom,

a shatter that breaks the sky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/31/16

Heavy shoulders

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