It is inevitable
You will let me go—
My letters to you, lay out my inner being.
Each emotion, baring my soul;
Every flow from my pen,
As every fear is openly slashed
With the flick of your wrist.
Burning from your eyes, your desire;
Your response a fiery essence of lust,
As I expose all that was left of my hopes;
My trust.
To think there was once a time,
When I could no longer wait to gaze into your eyes.
As I longed for your return,
And your arms around my waist.
Once again—
Your lips to my skin; poison.
Whispers in my ear; deceit.
Loveless; as its presence was never here.
Replace it with lies; step in with dishonor.
Here I disappear and vanish,
As I continue downward;
Spiraling; into your empty promises—
Giving in and breathing deep,
As lies and deceit flow openly through me—
And I see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 10/22/09
(I waited for this man for 8 1/2 months while he was over in Iraq... for him to come home and break my heart)

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