Tearing back your eyelids,

For you to see more clearly;

Feel them dry, and fall out.

Look at me; smell my vengeance;

See my war path; know my presence.

Hear me coming up your alley;

Think of a way out, a way to escape.

Know, there is no way;

You cannot escape.

What you have done, I see.

You are no good;

So it means nothing,

To see your body fall over the edge;

Watch your mind stumble over.

I feel a sensation crawl over my body,

As I hear your screams;

My heart shudders.

To know I can hurt you—

More then you did me;

To feel the triumph of overtaking.

No taking back;

What is done is finished.

You're at the bottom;

Your body diminished.

Know I am up here—watching you

Wonder what wrong you put me through,

To deserve to die and rot in hell;

For eternity; forever more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2004

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