She walked to the end of the hall and looked around.

There was no one in sight.

Just the emptiness of her very own soul,

Occupying what was left of her lifeless body.

Her spirit continued to wander through the abyss.

She went on, knocking on each door.

No answer, no one could hear her;

Or pretended not to.

She screamed an ear splintering screech.

Windows shattered, as the wind whirred around the box.

She remembered this place,

Where they took her after the abduction;

Their humor only destroying her more.

She could hear the laughter, echoing continuously.

She tried to think, but it only hurt her more.

Holding her head in pain, she cried.

No tears came, only blood.

She thought she was dead,

She thought that was her body back there.

She turned around.

The replica of her own being had disappeared.

The corpse, in which she had escaped from, was her.

She was indeed undead, for she had never died.

She was not free, only running.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2003

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