I remember you.

I still see your face,

When I close my eyes;

I feel your cold, slithery touch to my skin.

I wish to forget you ever happened;

Instead, I tear at these wounded scars;

Pushing, deeper, keeling over.

You don’t know what you have done;

You never could.

To look you in the eye is unfathomable.

What has been done can not be forgiven.

Please, don't breath down the back of my neck.

Remembering the words you whispered to me;

I refuse to believe I may have loved you.

Why must your wrong-doings haunt me?


Stop entering my thoughts—

Stop urging me to jump—

Do you hear my pleas to a larger being?

Is that why you are still secretly nestled in my mind?

I beg of you this last time—

Just let me rot;

Let me push the blade into my skin;

Feel the rush of life, flowing from the broken spool.

My life is through—

You've emptied me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2002 or 2003

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