This Letter To You

I'm on my last sheet of paper,


As I write this letter to you.


Where were you last December,


When I was longing for your touch?


I spoke last week, to your brother.


He hasn't seen you in a month.


I still lay alone, thinking of you.


There's no one else out there,


Better for me, than you


I saw your older sister not so long ago;


She says you've taken the wrong path,


But I would never believe that to be true.


You've always been so perfect, to me.


I saw your friend the other day,


And he told me he hasn't heard from you;


But he gave me this old address.


So here I write, for my own sanity;


In hope that I have finally found my love;


Whom I lost so long ago.


Just give me a sign, an answer—


So I can sleep peacefully again.


I need to know you are still alive.


Love... me, your one and only.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2001

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