I saw him today

I thought I could handle it

I cannot, though 

It is just too much

To take in, digest

I do not know what it is

I get queasy when he is near

My heart races,

And my mouth goes dry

Hands clammy 

The tears reach my eyes

Not when he can see them appear

Infront of him, I will not shed a tear

What I feared, came alive


He thinks he has nothing to hide

He better watch his back

And drop to the ground

I don't give up so easily

I have not found peace

How can I without closure?


The truth has been exposed

I do not want to see

What I fear to be true

Then I will know the truth

That his "I love you"

Was but a lie


He is nothing but a coward

He could never tell the truth 

He ran when I needed words

How could I have loved

Such a vicious creature?

He never was himself


He is not worth my time

Yet I still dream of him

I will never know

What love is, again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2009/2010

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