I Wish You Knew

You don't have to love me

Or believe in me 

I don't have to mean shit to you

I can be invisible

Something you walk through

It's okay

I don't want you to see me

I prefer to hide in the shadows

Snuck away in the dark

If you don't see me

You can't make me go

I wish you would love me

Or maybe you do

Please, speak to me

The quiet is deafening

And the ache is hollow

Instead, I move on

Trudging forward

Longing to hear your voice

Aching for your arms around me

Wishing I were wrapped up

In you

Longing for your touch

Wanting only your body against mine

Speak to me

Dream of me

Love me like I love you

If only 

I must be your imagination

A dream

Something you can get through

I wish you knew

How much I love you

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