Leave Me Behind

Soar over me, and watch my carcass crumble

The remainings too weak to beg forgiveness

Laugh, as you feel the power to control, grow

I'll feel you dance upon my open grave

And tears will fall freely down my face

I'm dead inside, but to you I was never alive

Watching the buzzards crunch and chew away

You think of those good times that never were

And for a split second, you slightly show remorse

Not that I can see, I'm dead to you

You're dead to me too

Blow me out, and let my flame flicker, then fade

Burn the memories, which struggle to subside

Drag my body down over the abyss

Watch me float, simply, into the darkness

Don't remember me, I try to forget you

Revive me, sweet lord 

Revive me, mother of earth 

No longer will you play me like a violin

Each string strung too tight

Ready to snap at any given time

You could never see the pain drilled through me

The empty hole left for you to nestle into

Burning into my soul, to brand it as yours

I was left for your to conquer, and so you did

As you stole my mind

Insanity taking over,

Leaving me to writhe in pain

Do not exist in me

Do not enter my daily thoughts 

Run away, leave me behind

Please, leave me empty inside

No lord, no god, no allah in which you mention

No one to save my dying soul

No one to fill me up again 

No one to sew up this gaping hole

You do not exist, no, not in me

I am rid of you as death is rid of me

You're done here, you're work is finished

Please, please... I beg of you

Just leave me behind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2005/2008?

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