The Greatest Show on Earth.

Far removed from a three ring circus,

Billed as the greatest show on Earth!

Geared to making money!All captives,

The audience, participants, animals and humans.

They gasp, scream, clap at unnatural acts.

Now leave it all behind you, watch nature's show.

Lean on a gate, sit on a log, or grassy slope.

Keep still - listen - let nature engulf you!

Now observe, feel, be part of the scene.

First the lambs as they skip and run,

From tree stump to gate, and back again,

Not heeding the warning bleat of their mothers.

High in the sky nature's orchestra starts up,

The Skylark's song - so pure and sweet,

Contrast that to a Circus drum.

The birds in the hedges now join the chorus,

All singing their different tunes, yet harmonising.

Nature alone knows how to accomplish this.

Roll up! Roll up! To see this great show!

Do it quietly. not striking a discordant note.

No open mouth box office, to swallow your money,

This show is free for all to enjoy,

Taking place continously for all to join in!

This time , however, for just me - and my maker!

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