The Day Is Not Lost.




Grey washed white shows muted sky

on day of uninspiring dawn.

Half hearted daisies mock the grass,

and all lies browning, overgrown,

bent to kiss the ground forlorn

when tightly held where 'cleavers' tie.

Springtime passion since fulfilled

long now lost, it's youthful joy.

But in the hedge a purple sheen

where petals fall upon a bough,

and to the air gives sweet embrace.

hidden well amidst the green

with pink tinged blush are cherries now.

A stirring eye shall pierce decay

to reach beneath all sad disgrace.

























Author's Notes/Comments: 

Early summer, all shimmer of spring was replaced with dead or dying foliage very depressing , then I saw the bright purple dog roses and cherries, beginning a new cycle.

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