The Beacon (reworked)

A path I walked

That winter's day,

So bleak, so grey

Life gone astray.

A stab of gold

There, caught my eye.

A beacon bright

Shone down the way.

A ray of light

Pulled from the sky

To cheer that dismal

Winter's day.


I walked that path 

Again today,

In haste I walked

Along the way.

In vain my eye 

Could there alight

Upon the beacon's

Golden light.

No yellow petals

There did sing,

No ray of sun

To me would bring.

Cold heart of man

Had come to slay,

And ripped that

Shining jewel away.

Returned the path

To bleak and grey,

And filled my Soul

With tears that day.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was the middle of winter, cold, grey and miserable. A lone bush of bright yellow gorse lit up the path. When I returned a few days later, on an equally dull day, I looked out for the gorse. The council men had ripped it out by its roots, no idea why. All that was left along the path were dead bushes and leafless trees. I could have cried !

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