Times Past.




We went to the village fete today,

Melanie and I,

Gloss green grass, all trees a-sway.

And stalls set out with pride.


Many tears, and many years 

Were lived within those bounds.

No strangers walked the village way

When 'Harry the baker,' went his rounds,

And Janet still ran, the village shop

An old fashioned and homely place to stop.

My Sarah rang the 'Big Church' bells,

In Sunday school God's tale she'd tell.

Melanie, so many friends, gathered on the green.

Games of forty-forty, hide and seek,

And tag.

Water fights, fizzy drinks and ice cream

From the van.

No walk along the village street

Would see you go alone,

So many people to meet, or greet

And every person known.


We went to the village fete decked gay,

Melanie and I,

And many faces passed our way,

Not one of them we knew, today.






















Author's Notes/Comments: 

We lived in the village a long time, my children grew up there, we knew everyone and everyone knew us, and I have briefly poped back and I was still remembered up untill a few years ago. The day we went to the fete we realised how different the village had become, not so much a friendly country village, more a place for young commuters. So sad.  

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