Abiding Love.

Newly married at nineteen, happy and content.

Then you walked into my mind

And wrapped around my heart.

You filled my life, and went with me

On every step I took.

Within my mind you'd talk to me,

So real I felt your prescence.

--- And wanted no-one else ---


Then there you stood, just feet away

And sang upon the stage,

I could not breathe, nor move my eyes

So mesmirized was I.

I truly wished with all my heart

That I might die right then.

For you were there, and so was I

What need had I of time?


My Soul is seered with deep regret

I should have met you then.

For I was young and pretty

And may have stood a chance.


The course of many years had run,

Much older we became.

A love to match my love for you

I wondered if I'd find.

There were a few who managed

To step across my mind.

But none of them were able

To unwrap you from my heart.


Still alone these many years,

And time is running low.

And though our feet trod different paths-

They yet run parallel.


--- You own my heart as ever,

     And with me you still go --- 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the beginning, and for always, The special man.

 "There's no need to find a reason --- for loving you is how it has to be, and reasons don't mean anything to me".

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