strange. 1.

              Don't say to me there are no ghosts,

              You have not eyes to see.


I was just a child of four,

When she came quietly through the door.

I had no way to understand, just knew that I

Was not alone.

No more of her for many years, but always

She was there.

Then back she came, a shadow, tall. dressed all in black.

Drifting, silent, round my bed,watching me

As she went.

'what was she like' my mother asked, 'dressed all in black',

Was all I said.

It was my Aunt Louise, dressed in her Mourning clothes,

Always worn in later years, right up untill her death.

Black veil, and a long black dress,

Falling to her feet.

How strange..she died before my birth,

And yet we both could meet.

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