A lifetime ago.

A lifetime ago,I met and married

A man I loved, but would never know.

A son was your's from an earlier day,

But from his life you'd walked away.

A daughter you've rejected now,

A child you said you wanted.

No birthday cards, or christmas gifts

To be treasured by her, from you.


The lovely woman she's now become

Should make your cold heart leap with pride.

But though she hides it very well,

She's scarred and hurt so deep inside.

You've passed her by upon the street,

Or crossed the road- no chance you'd meet.

Or maybe just a brief hello

If there was nowhere left to go!


You refused to walk her down the aisle

upon her wedding day.

A beautiful bride, a wonderful girl,

And yet you stayed away.

A lovely grandson, you have now.

You met him quite by chance,

You briefly looked into his pram,

And gave a passing glance.

A time to build some bridges? no-

You turned and walked away.


Your heart is filled with imagined wrongs

Your children did you in the past.

But they were young, and you are wrong

Don't let these feelings last.

You are your daughter's flesh and blood,

And she had loved you so.

But that was once upon a time

So very long ago.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

How can a father walk past his own daughter on the street and blank her, when she's done no wrong, It breaks my heart ( and her's too, I'm sure, but she won't admit it ) He's missing so much, she's an amazing person, he should be so proud.

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