A verse for Koby.

Oh, baby boy, with your curious eyes, and loving way,

What will you learn about life, today?

Will you see a butterfly, and touch those painted wings,

Or will there be a blackbird, that sit's on a bough and sings?

Will you feel upon your cheek, a breath of wind-

That's soft and warm with the scent of spring?

Will you put out your hand and stroke the buttercups

At your feet.

Or look up to the trees and glimps the squirrel,

Watching as you pass beneath.

And as you look into those trees, will a rainbow

Paint your sky,

Or will it be a perfect blue, with clouds as soft

As a baby's sigh?


                       So many things for you to know, such

                       Sight's for you to see. So tell me Koby-

                       If you can,

                       What did you learn today?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My 11 month old grandson was in my garden on a beautiful warm spring day, and was entranced with all he could see and touch.In the copse behind the fence a blackbird was singing, so the poem wrote itself really. 

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