It's Never "just a building plot"

Can you hear their cries,

As they flee in the night.

Do you see their terror-

Understand their plight?


Blindly they run,

They can't find their way.

Oh help them, please help them,

For they are the pray.


Their burrows have gone.

Their salvation destroyed.

In panic they turn,

Their fate to avoid.


But the hedgerow they seek

Is no longer there.

Where can they hide-

There must be somewhere.


But the digger's have come

And ripped from their land,

The lives of the creatures

Who don't understand.


The foxes, the rabbits,

The badgers and birds.

This land was their home

Too precious for words.


Those fields have now gone,

And here in their place,

We have concrete and paths,

Street lights and fast cars.


No creatures here now.

The skylarks don't sing.

No cuckoo brings april-

The first signs of spring.

No owls flying low

And no bats to be seen.


All those small lives

Were turned into dust.

Just to help satisfy

The developers lust.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where those fields were (as well as all the cars and concrete ) we have graffitti over everything, vandalism, rubbish everywhere and household robberies which obviously we never had before.Those animals appreciated and deserved their homes, those people who live  there now do not. Thanks developers !!

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